When you use UnMediCare, we are trusted with your information. We commit ourselves to maintain that trust. For this reason, we will begin by helping you understand our privacy practices.

In this policy it is described the information we gather,  how it is used and shared, and what are your options acording to this. We recommend you to read this document, which involves the key points of our privacy practices(including the tipe of information we gather, where we gather it and how we use it).

Gathering and data usage

The actual policy is applied to the users of UnMediCare services anywhere in the world. Even the users of apps, websites, functions or other services of UnMediCare.

This policy describes how UnMediCare and its afiliates gather and use personal information to provide services. It is applied to all the users to all the users of our apps, websites, functions or other services anywhere in the world, unless there is another privacy policy in effect, such as the European Union Privacy Policy. This policy is applied to the next ones:

  • Users: People who register in this technological platform to utilize out services.
  • Medical partners: People accredited as health profesionals who provide health services individualy or through consulting rooms, cliniques o asociated hospitals.
  • Clients: People who reserve medical procedures and other services.
  • Strategy partners: People or enterprises which provide services related to health, lodging or transport.

This policy is also applied to those that provide information to UnMediCare through an app to use our services or those whose information is sent to UnMediCare in relation to their services (such as the contact information of individuals related to hospitals and cliniques who are partners of Unmedicare). Due to motives of simplicity, the word "users" will be applied from now on to refer to those affected by this policy.

The described practices are subject of the applicable laws of the places in which they are performed, which means that we only participate in the practices defined in this policy, or in a country or a region in particular if it is allowed by the laws of these. Comunicate with us if you have any questions about our practices in your country or region.

1. The information we gather:

UnMediCare gathers the next information:

  •  The information you provide to UnMediCare, e.g , when one creates an account.
  •  The information that is created when you use our services,such as location, usage and device information.
  •  The information of other sources e.g Partners of UnMediCare and others who use the API of UnMediCare.

UnMediCare or a representative gathers the next information:

Data you provide:


  • User profile: We gather your data when you create an account or update an UnMediCare account. This may include your name, email, origin country, destiny country, phone number, user name, password, address, payment or banking information (such as information related to payment verification), official id numbers (such social security card number, driving license or password if the law demands it), birth date, picture and signature, information regarding health insurance, and the configuration and preferences that you indicate in your UnMediCare account.
  • Information of previous background: We may gather data if you register to use the services of UnMediCare as a Medical Partner o Strategy partner, for example your professional history, criminal record(if the law allows. A provider may gather this information in representation of UnMediCare.
  • Demographic Data:It is possible thay we gather you data even from user polls. In some countries, we may gather demographic information from you about third parties.
  • User Content: It is possible we gather data when you contact technical support, in order to qualify or send recognition to other, or any other comunication you hold with UnMediCare.

2. Information created when using our services:

  • Transaction Information: We gather details about transaction related with our services usage, including the type of services you request or offer, details about the offered procedures, infomation about level of fulfillment by the atention received, date and hour of the services given, charged amounts. Likewise, if anybody uses a promotional code, we can associate your name to this person.
  • Usage Information: We gather information about how you interact with our services, such as access date and time, app functions o requested sites, app failures and other activities of the system, type of browser, and sites or services from third parties that you used before interacting with our platform. In some case we gather this information through cookies, tracking pixels and similar technologies that create and maintain unique identifiers.
  • Device Information:

UnMediCare can gather information about the devices you use to access our services, such as hardware models, IP address of the device, operating systems and their versions, softwares, namefiles and their versions, prefered languages, unique identifiers of the device, publicity identifiers, serial numbers, information regarding the device movement and information about the mobile network.

Communication Data: We allow our users to communicate between themselves and with UnMediCare through apps, websites and other services, for example strategy partners and users and the medical partners and clients are allowed to communicate and send SMS between one and another( in some countries, without seeing the phone numbers of the other one). To provide this service, we gather especific information about calls or SMS, including the date and time about the communication and the content of such communication. UnMediCare also will use this information for the technical support services.(including conflict resolution between users), with ends of security and protection, to improve our products and services and for analysis.

3. Information from other sources:


  • User comments, such as qualifications or recognitions.
  • Users that provide information about you related to the referencing program.
  • Users or other people who provide information related to reclaims or conflicts.
  • Health Insurance Providers (if it is a medical partner or strategy partner).
  • Financial Services Providers (if it is a medical partner or strategy partner).
  • Related Transportation Companies (If it is a strategy Partners that uses an account vinculated to one of these enterprises).
  • Publicly shared sources.
  • Publicity services providers, UnMediCare can combine gathered information that combines these source with other source of it's choosing.

4. How do we utilize your information?:

4.1 :  UnMediCare collects and uses information to habilitate links between pacients and health profesionals, also to offer other products and services related such as lodging, transportation and health turism. We also use the information we gather with the following purposes:

  • Improve security and the protection of users and services.
  • Offer customer support and attention.
  • Make searches and development.
  • To communicate with the users or allow that these communicate between themselves.
  • Offer promotions or raffles.
  • For topics related to legal procedures.
  • Create and update your account.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Allow linking services, lodging, transportation and others. Including the automatized procesing of your information to enable the selected medical procedure.
  • Processing of easy the payment of the percentage to reserve their service.
  • Offer, obtain, bring out and facilitate insurance and financial solutions related to our services.
  • Traceback our progress in our services and satisfaction of our client.
  • Enable functions that allow to share information with other people, as is the case when you send a recognition about a strategy partner, you refer a friend to UnMediCare.
  • Enable function to customize your UnMediCare account, like creating markers to your favorite places and allow a quick access to previous destinations.
  • Make internal procedures to bring about our services, which includes solving software errors and operational problems, making analysis, tests and research and do followups and usage tendency analysis of the activities.

At UnMediCare we do not share neither sale your personal information to third parties for their use in activites of straight marketing towards yourself.

4.2 Security:

We use your data to help maintain the security and keep the integridad of our services and user. Which includes the next points:

  • Make a process of selection of the Strategy Partners and Medical Partners before allowing them the use of our services and then in a regular way. This includes previous records, if the law allows it, to prevent non safe people into our services.
  • Use the information from the device,location,profile, usage and else, to prevent, detect and counter frauds or non-secure behaviour. This includes the processing of said information, in certain countries, to identify practices or patterns that indicate fraud o imply a security risk. It may include information from third parties. In certain case, these incidents may involve the deactivation of your account through an automotized process of decision making. The users in the European Union have the right to oppose to this type of processing.
  • Use the qualification to promote the improvement between the users and as a cause of deactivation for users with qualifications below the minimum, in agreement with the requisites of its region. The calculation and deactivation may be done through an automatized process of decision making. The users in the European Union have the right to oppose to this type of processing.

4.3 Client Support:

UnMediCare uses the information gathered (including call history of your calls to support with your consent) to assist you when you communicate with our client support services. This assistance includes the following:

  • Sending your questions to the right person in client support.
  • Research and settle your doubts.
  • Perform a followup of our work and improve our answers in client support.

4.4 Research and development:

We can use your gathered information to make tests, research, analysis and product development. This allows us to improve and increase security of our services, develop functions and new products, this eases the solutions of insurances and financing related to our services.

4.5 Comunication between the users:

UnMediCare use the gathered information to allow communications between our users for example a Strategy Partner can call o send an SMS to a user in order to confirm a reservation, or a medical partner or a strategy partner can call a client to give relevant information about her or his service request.

4.6 Comunication from UnMediCare:

UnMediCare can use the gathered information can be used to communicate with yourself about products, services, offers, studies, polls, news, updates and events.

UnMediCare also uses information to promote and process contests and raffles, deliver any price related to them, just like presenting ads and relevant content about our services and the ones from our Comercial partners. You may receive some of these communications according to your profile as an UnMediCare user. The users in the European Union have the right to oppose to this type of processing.  

4.7 Procedures and legal requirements:

We are allowed to use the gathered information to research and onboard reclaims or related conflicts with the usage that you make do of UnMediCare services, or for any other allowed aspect by the apliable law or disposed by regulation organisms, gobern entities or oficial investigations.

5. Cookies and third parties technologies:

UnMediCare and its partnes utilice cookies and other identifying technologies in the apps, websites, electronic mails and the ads online with the objectives described in this policy.

The cookies are small text files that the websites, apps, online media, and ads, store in the browser or device. UnMediCare uses cookies and similar technologies for this purposes:

  • Authenticate users.
  • Remember preferences and configurations of the user.
  • Determine the popularity of the content.
  • Provide and measure the efectivity of the publicity campaigns.
  • We permit that third parties make audience measures and analitical services for us, show ads that represent us through the internet, and make a followup and inform us about the effectivy of these ads. These organizations are allowed to use cookies, web beacons, SDK and other technologies to identify your device when it visits our site and uses our services, just like when you visit other sites and services online. Consult our Declaration about Cookies to obtain more information about cookies usage and other technologies described in this section, including your options towards these technologies.

6. Trade and information divulgation:

Some of the products, services and functions of UnMediCare require we trade information with other users or when you request it. It is also possible we trade your information with our afiliate, subsidiaries and Commercial Partners, due to legal motives o the case of reclaims and conflicts.

UnMediCare is allowed to share the information gathered with the following ones:

6.1 Other users:

For example if you are a Medical Partner or a Strategy Partner, we share your information with the users, which includes your name and specialty, certificacation, your location, average qualification, how long you have been a Medical Partner o Strategy Partner to UnMediCare and your contact info(according to the appliable laws). If you complete a profile of Medical Partner we may share the related data to this one, including the information you entered and your recognitions. The user/client will obtain a detailed ticket with information, such as the charged amount breakdown, the name and specialty, and a map to the route you must take.

6.2 On request: 

This includes sharing information such as the following:

  • Comercial partners of UnMediCare: for example if you request a service through an asociation or promotional offer from a third party, UnMediCare is allowed to share your information with these parties. This include for examples others apps or website that integrate our API, health services providers, lodging or transportation, those with API or service which UnMediCare is integrated or Commercial Partners who can be partnered with UnMediCare to bring about an offer, a contest or specialized service.

6.3 The public in general when content is sent to a public forum:

We love to receive comments from our users, including through public forums, just like the UnMedicare Blogs, social networks and certain network functions. When you communicate with us through our channels, your communications may become public.

6.4 The UnMediCare accounts owner that may use:

If you use a profile linked to somewhere else, we can share information of your journey with the owner of said profile. This occurs if for examples you are the following.

  • A user that uses the Business Medicine profile from her or his employer.

6.5 Service providers and Commercial Partners of UnMediCare:

UnMediCare can provide information to his providers and consultants, Publicity Partners, reserch entities and other services providers or Commercial Partners. Between this parts they include the following ones:

  • Payment processors and facilitators.
  • Verification of previous records providers (only for Medical Partners of Strategy Partners).
  • Cloud-based storage providers.
  • Marketing partners and marketing platform providers.
  • Analysis information providers.
  • Research partners, including those that conduct polls or research projects related to UnMediCare or something representing it.
  • Providers who assist UnMediCare in improving safety and protection of the apps.
  • Consultants, lawyers, accountants and other professional service providers.
  • Financial and ensurance partners.

6.6 With legal ends or before a conflict:

UnMediCare can share your information if he considers that the law, norms, statements, legal procedures or current government request, demand it due to security business or similar issues.

This includes sharing our information with public order forces, government authorities, (if the authorities demand it) or third parties if it is necesary to keep our Terms of Service, agreements or any other politics, to protect the rights and property of UnMediCare, the rights, security and property of others, or in any case of reclaims or conflicts related to our services usage. If you use the credit card of a person, is possible the laws demands us to share information with the card owner, including the information of traveling.   

6.7 With your conscent:

UnMediCare is allowed to share your information for a different purpose than what has been described in this policy if we notify you and you show your agreement towards it.

7. Preservation and deleting of the information:

UnMediCare keeps your user profile and other information for the time you hold your UnMediCare account.

UnMediCare keeps information about your transactions, location, usage and else for 7 years due to norm requisites of taxes, insurance and others, acording to the place in which it it is operating. Subsequently, UnMediCare deletess o anonymizes this information according to applicable laws.

The users can demand that their account information is eliminated at any time. If they do so, UnMediCare delete the information is not necesary to preserve, and restricts the use and access to the required information.

UnMediCare requires information from your user profile to provide services and preserve the already mentioned data for as long as you keep your UnMediCare account.

This information includes data from your transactions, locations, device and usage por 7 years due to norm requisites, such as taxes, insurance and others, acording to the place where it operates. When the information is no longer necesary to provide services through UnMediCare, allow the client support, improve the user experience or any other process UnMedicare takes measures to prevent further use or access to this information to any other purpose that does not comply with the agreement of these requisites due to motives of safety, prevention and fraud detection.

You may request the elimination of your account at any time throught the privacy settings in the app or the through the website of UnMediCare(users and clients here, Medical Partners and Strategy Partners here).

If you do so, UnMediCare will eliminate all of the information that does not need. In certain ocassions, it is possible that UnMediCare can not eliminate information from your account. For example if you have amounts or pending reclaims. Once it is solved the impediment, UnMediCare deletes your account agreeing with what is described earlier in this policy.

UnMediCare can also preserve certain information, if it was necesary to comply to certain legitimal commercial interests, such as fraud prevencion, and the improvement of user security. As an example if a user account is closed due to antiethical behavior or security incidents, UnMediCare is allowd too keep certain information to prevent that this user does not open a new UnMediCare account in the future.

8. Updates to this policy:

It is possible that, ocasionally, we update this update the active policy.

It is possible that we update the active policy every certain time. If we make meaningul changes, you will be notified, we will notified through the UnMediCare apps or any other way, like e-mail. All acording to the actual laws, if they allow it, when utilizing our services after said notification and if you accept this policy updates.

We recommend you to check constantly the actual policy to obtain the most recent information about our privacy practices. Nonetheless when you make use of our platform you will be taken for granted about our privacy policy updates.